Subiaco AFC’s vision is to be a community hub that facilitates the development of its members, with particular focus on youth, through sport.

Our mission is to maintain, and continually improve, a sustainable infrastructure, for the purpose of supporting the development of youth and adults, in relation to life and sport, through:

  1. Organic growth;
  2. The provision of player pathways;
  3. The search of excellence;
  4. Encouragement, education, guidance and support;
  5. Member contribution and re-contribution;
  6. A strong work ethic;
  7. Professional conduct;
  8. The provision of a safe, progressive and challenging environment; and
  9. The willingness to give, without expectation.

Subiaco AFC History

A project funded by a Football West Building Stronger Club’s grant in 2021. Two large displays charting 110 years of the club’s history can be viewed at our club rooms in Rosalie Park.