Junior Grading for 2024 is now complete

The Technical Directors, Prof Adi Juric and Branko Jelic will manage the junior grading process as directed by the Management Committee. The dominant considerations in deciding on team allocations are player competence, determination and enthusiasm. Returning Subiaco AFC players shall be given preference if two players are assessed as similarly skilled.

Players must play in their correct age group, unless permission is granted from the Management Committee. Players must be registered with Subiaco AFC. Players who are not registered for the current season will not be offered a place in a team.

Should a player (or players) wish to play together, all players will be allocated to the team where the weakest player is graded.

Players may be moved to a different team throughout the season at the discretion of the VP Coaching and Development. The Age Group Coordinator, coaching staff and parents are usually consulted before any such move is finalised.



There is no grading for 5s-7s players. Players will be organised into teams of 5 or 6 by the Age Group Coordinator according to parental assistance, school relationships, friends, requests at registration, and coach availability.


The Club believes that playing football with similarly skilled players maximises a player’s enjoyment of the game and their development potential.

Players wishing to play in the 8s-15s age groups shall be graded into teams based on ability level as decided by the Technical Coaching team and the VP Coaching and Development. Players are expected to attend every grading session for their age group. If you cannot attend a session, you must advise your Age Group Coordinator at least two days prior to grading.  Returning Subiaco AFC players in this age group are only required to attend grading if they wish to be considered for an Academy team or be reassessed.


Players in the u16s and 18s will commence pre season training in early March to determine team allocation.


All junior players must be register with the club via PlayFootball before they can attend grading.  No player will be allocated to a team unless they are registered.

Junior girl players in mixed teams

Junior girls players wishing to play in a mixed league should attend their respective grading session. It should be noted that girls players may choose to play one year down to their usual age group in a mixed league.


Prospective goal keepers should make their intentions known to the Age Coordinator upon arrival at grading. Unless advised otherwise, goal keepers are expected to attend each grading session and undertake the same skills and drills as on-field players.

Important things to note

  • Players to arrive 15 mins before session start and check off attendance with Age Group Coordinator
  • Shin guards are mandatory for all players and it’s important players bring water.
  • Players selected for an Academy Team will be required to pay an additional coaching fee to the Registrar upon acceptance of their position.
  • Parents and spectators, please remain a respectful distance from the playing pitches to enable the coaching staff to assess and allow your child to enjoy the sessions.
  • The grading schedule is subject to change due to weather, council pitch restrictions and other matters beyond our control. Coaching staff will monitor the weather forecast and adjust times and days as necessary in the best interests of players. Registered players will be notified by email accordingly.
  • Training will commence week commencing late February. Some teams may commence earlier on consultation with the Technical Coaching Team.
  • The Club Grading Policy applies during the grading and team allocation process.