The Team Manager is responsible for:

  • Off-field team activity (fixtures, timetables, rosters) i.e. Protect the coach from paperwork so he/she can concentrate on coaching;
  • Collection of shirts and training equipment prior to commencement of the season;
  • Being custodian of player / parent details;
  • Being custodian of registration cards;
  • Completing match cards (and delivering home match cards to the post box at Rosalie Park, located at the Clubhouse, immediately after each match) – note: the club is fined for any incorrect information on these cards.
  • Liaison with the coach;
  • Circulating information to the players/parents;
  • Confirming match details (and changes) prior to Sunday mornings;
  • Paying referees (if applicable);
  • Nominating parents for home game duties (i.e. set up or pack away, ground marshalls);
  • Collection and return of equipment at the end of the season

Teams Manager Manual