With over 50 teams at Subiaco AFC, our Team Managers are very important volunteers who help to ensure fixtures and other administrative aspects are managed effectively and ensure the club runs smoothly. The Team Manager is responsible for:

  • off-field team activity (fixtures, timetables, rosters) i.e. Protect the coach from paperwork so he/she can concentrate on coaching;
  • collection of shirts and training equipment prior to commencement of the season;
  • being custodian of player / parent details;
  • being custodian of¬†registration cards;
  • completing match cards (and delivering home match cards to the post box at Rosalie Park, located at the Clubhouse, immediately after each match)¬†– note: the club is fined for any incorrect information on these cards.
  • liaison with the coach;
  • circulating information to the players/parents;
  • confirming match details (and changes) prior to Sunday mornings;
  • paying referees (if applicable);
  • nominating parents for home game duties (i.e. set up or pack away, ground marshalls);
  • collection and return of equipment at the end of the season.

Manager Manual