Grading is conducted for all players wishing to play in one of our boys U8 – U18 teams and commences 13 Feb 2018.

Note: Grading for our girls teams is not usually necessary. Due to registration numbers we usually only field one team per age group.

U5 – U7 players will be coordinated into teams according to school relationships, friends, requests at registration, parental assistance and coach availability. (ie No grading)

Why do we grade our players?
Subiaco AFC grades from players U8 and older as we believe that playing football with similarly skilled players maximises your enjoyment of the game and your development potential.

We are a community based, grass roots Club, which provides an excellent opportunity for you to play football and get to know others in your community, not just your school friends.

The Details
The Technical Team (Prof Adi Juric and Branko Jelic) will manage the grading process as directed from the Management Committee. The dominant consideration in allocating players is player competence, determination and enthusiasm.

Players must play in their correct age group, unless permission is granted from the Management Committee.

Should a player (or players) wish to play together in a particular team, all players will be allocated to the team where the weakest player is graded.

Players may be moved to a different team throughout the season at the discretion of the Vice President, Coaching and Development. The Age Group Coordinator, Coaching Staff and parents are usually consulted before any such move is finalised.

Click here to view the 2018 grading schedule.