Subiaco AFC’s vision is to be a community hub that facilitates the development of its members, with particular focus on youth, through sport.

Our mission is to maintain, and continually improve, a sustainable infrastructure, for the purpose of supporting the development of youth and adults, in relation to life and sport, through:

  1. organic growth;
  2. the provision of player pathways;
  3. the search of excellence;
  4. encouragement, education, guidance and support;
  5. member contribution and re-contribution;
  6. a strong work ethic;
  7. professional conduct;
  8. the provision of a safe, progressive and challenging environment;
  9. the willingness to give, without expectation.

Old_football_large_largeOur History:

Football in Subiaco dates back to 1909 when the club established its base at a small playing area within the environs of the Shenton Park Lake.  From the early Italian immigrants, Subiaco can claim to have at its roots the Italian football philosophies of playing attacking football with both style, flair and creativity. In the early 1900s, an influx of industrial working class immigrants from cities such as Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle during the Kalgoorlie gold rush years brought with it the great British footballing traditions of passion, spirit and hard graft that was to influence Subiaco’s style of play for a number of years. During the post war years, the influence of the dynamic attacking and tactically advanced footballers from Southern and Eastern Europe allowed Subiaco to adopt a more technical style of play which in recent years has further been strengthened with the flair and freedom of expression that many new and young players are seeing in South America and Asia.

Throughout its history, Subiaco has remained an integral part of Western Australia’s football history and in the 2009 season we were proud to celebrate our Centenary Year.

Playing as Subiaco City for over 80 years, the Subiaco City juniors have played continually at Rosalie Park. 

In 1989, the senior members of the club moved to Balcatta and changed their name to Subiaco Stirling.  In 1992 the seniors moved again to Balga and formed Balga West Coast before folding in 1993. Subiaco United formed as an amateur senior club in 1984 at Rosalie Park.

In 2013, FW granted an NPL licence to Subiaco (National Premier Leagues) FC Inc. The NPL Club was formed by members of the Junior and Senior Clubs and it was agreed that the NPL Club would continually work towards becoming being financially independent of the Junior and Senior Clubs in order to professionally maintain and develop the NPL teams they manage.