The Club is pleased to once again run the Mentor Program for 2017.

The Mentor Program encourages older Club players to nominate their time and join a MiniRoos team in a junior coaching capacity.
We believe this program supports our vision of building a strong community club culture as it encourages our older players to form bonds and friendships with our younger players.

Mentors must be 14 years or older (ie born 2003 or earlier)

The Mentor is required to attend all Team training sessions for their MiniRoos team and assist the parent coach as follows:

  • set up for sessions;
  • assist with the demonstration of drills; and
  • act as a role model to the team players.
  • If you would like to sign up to our Mentor Program, please complete the Mentor Program Application Form.

    The Mentor Program Manager will work with Age Group Coordinators to allocate Mentors to the most appropriate teams.

    The Mentor must complete a timesheet on a monthly basis and submit it to the Mentor Program Manager before the Club will offer a small renumeration.

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