Head Coach Goran Stajić and Men’s State League Div 1 Coach Michael Janssen

Subiaco AFC’s Head Coach, Goran Stajić, has started to assemble an expert staff backroom for the 2022 season, and his first appointment is Michael Janssen who will take on the role of State League Div 1 Coach. 

According to Stajić, “there is no coach who can afford to think he knows everything. We must be ready to improve all the time and accept new ideas. Otherwise, you stagnate. That’s why Michael Janssen is not my assistant. I don’t like to define it that way. We are a tandem. Michael and I are very disciplined and driven, and what we set out to do must be achieved.” 

Michael Janssen is equally fired up about the prospect of coaching at Subiaco AFC alongside Goran. “Goran and I quickly realised that we speak the same football language. Our philosophies are aligned and will complement our plans for the success of the State League team. We share a clear idea of what we want to achieve together for the club and its players past, present, and new. The club is equipped with quality football people in decisive positions. The early conversations with Club Technical Director, Adi Juric, and Assistant Technical Director, Branko Jelic, about the entire State League team, and the way the club wants to go forward, were matching my own expectations – youth, loyalty, discipline, and 100% commitment to mention just some important conditions. Club President Drew Palmer was clear about the club’s targets in the coming seasons and he knows what he wants us to do for Subiaco, always giving us his full support. I am excited to build and develop a team ready for any challenge ahead. I can’t wait to start!” Janssen said.

The Management Committee at Subiaco AFC believes that Michael Janssen is a top-notch addition to its roster of high calibre coaches, and the club looks forward to seeing its State League players develop under his leadership.