We are a grassroots, community Club and almost all of our Officials are volunteers who also have professional careers.

We would prefer you to email your query using the online form below and will endeavour to respond within 48 hours.

If you would prefer to speak to us, kindly phone after working hours.

Thank you for your understanding.

Administration Officer

Thao Nguyen
Phone: 0401 538 363

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Drew Palmer
Andrea Ahearn
Rachel Benton
Phone: 0409 889 776 Phone: 0408 152 826 Phone: 0435 615 815

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Heather Moore
VP Football
Andrew Faragher
VP Communications
Lauren Clarke
Phone: 0405 054 942 Phone: 0419 796 891 Phone: 0422 914 586

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VP Operations
VP Commercial
James Noakes
Phone: Phone: 0408 268 205

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Technical Team

Technical Director and Head of Youth Development
Adi Juric
Assistant Technical Director
Branko Jelic
Phone: 0432 857 100 Phone: 0401 031 425

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Women’s NPL and Men’s State League Coaches

NPLW WA Head Coach
Greg Farrell
State League Head Coach
Mark Wingell
Phone: 0438 125 897 Phone: 0420 971 515

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Age Group Coordinators (AGCs)


MiniRoos Coordinator
Vacant, contact Registrar

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5s-7s (2017-18)
Vacant, contact Registrar
8s (2016)
Vacant, Contact the Registrar
9s (2015)
Vacant, Contact the Registrar

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10s (2014)
Ben Grangier
11s (2013)
James Noakes
12s (2012)
Matt Stichnoth
Phone: 0415 168 923 Phone: 0408 268 205 Phone: 0417 629 886

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13s (2011)
Rachel Benton
14s (2010)
Andrew Faragher
Phone: 0435 615 815 Phone: 0419 796 891

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15s (2009)
Craig Sharp
16s (2008)
Jenn Vo
18s (2006/2007)
Jenn Vo
Phone: 0439 900 231 Accepts emails only Accepts emails only

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Female Football Coordinator
Lorraine Kearney
Phone: 0432 160 933

Seniors Coordinators

Andrea Ahearn
Eric Spicer
Phone: 0408 152 826 Phone: 0474 850 827

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Member Protection Information Officers

Thao Nguyen Sally Noakes
Phone: 0401 538 363 Phone: 0416 032 351

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