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Club Colours

 For over 100 years now, Subiaco AFC has played in a team strip that incorporates the traditional maroon, white and gold colours of Subiaco.

These colours are also those of Roma, the closest Serie A football team to the Italian town of Subiaco.

Junior Club Kit

Maroon shirt with a white and gold trim, or a white shirt with a maroon and gold trim, both provided by the club.

White shorts and maroon socks with a gold trim.

Senior Women's Club Kit

Maroon shirts with a white and gold trim.

Maroon shorts with a white and gold trim or white shorts with a maroon and gold trim.

Maroon socks with a white or gold trim or white socks.


Senior Men's Club Kit

Maroon shirts, gold trim.

White shorts, maroon trim, or maroon shorts, gold trim.

Maroon socks.


Our Logo

The Subiaco AFC logo displays the traditional Subiaco colours and lion in a modern format.